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Join The Corner Community

Want to join a warm, welcoming community of entrepreneurs? Consider applying to The Corner!


What are the benefits?
  • Visibility of your products in a unique retail environment

  • Experience running a retail shop with minimum commitment

  • Showcase your products with other entrepreneurs/artist in a community stetting

  • Interact directly with customers to receive feedback on your creations

  • Demonstrate / show / talk about how your product is created with opportunity to do so within The Van Aken Market Hall

  • Learn basic retail store operations with hands on experience for - inventory management, selling, merchandising, communications, teamwork

  • Van Aken and Shop Shaker will amplify your social media messages in thier social media strategies. 

  • Product exposure 7 days a week as opposed to the occasional Saturday or Sunday market

  • Turn your hard work and passion into income

What are my commitments?
  • ​Rent a space month to month. Timeframe of commitment will vary based upon agreed upon cadence between tenant and The Corner

  • We believe your participation, by being present in The Corner as the host for a day or two each month, will be of great benefit to the sales of your product.  This gives you the opportunity to share your story and products with guests throughout the day. Create interactive experiences and or demonstrations to initiate emotional connections between your products and the consumer. You will also be an advocate for the other artists in The Corner. Store hours are 10-6 M-Sa and 10-5 on Sunday.

  • Provide social media content for The Corner 2 days per month featuring you and your product. 

  • % of sales will go to management of The Corner similar to a consignment business model

  • There will be a fee if you are unable to host the store a day or two each month to ensure store hours remain consistent

  • Optional opportunity to host events in the Van Aken Market Hall doing make and take, demonstrations, classes, etc....

How will my products be displayed?

Depending on the type of product you make, there is an option perfect to optimize your visual appeal of your product and maximize sales opportunities.  There are 5 different options.

1. Wall unit 2' wide and 7' Tall (shelves and lighting provided)


2. Wall unit 2' wide and 3' Tall  - this option will be the top ½ or bottom ½ of the wall sections shown above.

3. The Corner will have a rolling island to be used as a cash/wrap station with three sides ( 7 individual sections ) for product placement


4. There are individual shelves available on the wall units

5. The rolling island also has individual shelves for smaller type products like cookies, or friendship bracelets, snack packs etc.

How much is rent?
  • $100/month for full 7' wall section ($3.33 per day!)

  • $50/month for ½ 7' wall section 

  • $15/month for a shelf within the wall units

  • $36/month for a vertical section on the rolling Island

  • $12/month for a shelf on the rolling island

  • $15/month for one side of the rotating card rack

  • 30% of sales - you keep 70%!

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