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Pro Well-Being Teas

The love for teas in our family began in 2004, when my oldest daughter De’ja entered her first loose-leaf tea store. As she walked through the aisles in awe, she was determined to try every flavor! She eagerly brought them home to share and soon my entire family joined her with a curiosity, and quest, for the favorite loose-leaf tea.
​As years went by, I started to wonder if my family was unique in our love for teas.  So, I did my research and discovered the calming, beneficial, and general feeling of happiness that teas bring to our lives. It was then that we decided to create Pro Well-Being Teas, so families can easily purchase their favorite teas in the comfort of their own home. The memories that our family has shared around our favorite cup of tea will last a lifetime and we hope that Pro Well-Being Teas will do the same for you and your family.  

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