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Jessica James Designs

Jessica James Design was started in 2018 as a way for me to express my creative spirit while making products people can use and enjoy on a regular basis. From personalized birthday gifts to custom designs for individual boutiques and businesses, my design library continues to grow. Being from Cleveland, my popular designs focus on the city and the local sports teams, as well as fun, witty sayings that everyone loves. I offer many different drink-ware options such as: whiskey glasses, beer can glasses, stemless wine glasses, pint glasses, insulated tumblers and water bottles of different sizes, beer and skinny can coolers, shot glasses, and coffee mugs.

It all began with a basic design on a wine glass, and blossomed into the different drink-ware options with too many design choices to count. My theme has been focused around sports, and now I also offer baby onesie’s and bracelet sets for different collegiate and professional teams. I like to offer a variety of options for the customers and want to continue to grow my business with the customer in mind. I always appreciate the feedback and ideas customers provide, and have added many designs to my collection from customer requests.

Jessica James Designs www.jessicajamesdesignscom

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