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Chitin & Chlorophyll

My name is Katie and I have been painting since I was little but decided to fully immerse myself in my art business this year! Over the summer, I started selling my art on the sidewalk in front of my house, and after that was successful that gave me the confidence to branch out to Etsy. My art gives people unique, conversation-starting decor and functional yet beautiful products.
​I love to paint plants and flowers in my own unique folk-art style. I have found my niche painting botanical insects, hence the name; chitin is the material that makes up insects’ exoskeletons and chlorophyll is what makes plants green. Not all of my art is insect-related though- I make plenty of pretty floral designs too!
I sell originals, prints of my work, as well as greeting cards, playing cards, and other small paper products. My designs are truly one of a kind and can be appreciated by a wide range of people, suiting many design tastes! And I keep them reasonably priced so that my artwork can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

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